Ts’msyen Revolution Fund

Lynda, Robin, and Phil Gray started the Ts’msyen Revolution Fund in 2022 to support Ts’msyen language and culture in laxyuubm Ts’msyen (Ts’msyen territory). The aim of the fund is to encourage and support other Ts’msyen people in their journey to (re)learn Ts’msyen language and culture. 

The fund will begin by supporting a few small initiatives in 2022. As fundraising progresses, the fund will eventually offer a range of activities, such as language immersion camps. More information on how the fund will function will be forthcoming. 

The Gray family is from Lax Kw’alaams. Lynda, Robin, and Phil grew up in Vancouver, and have learned about their Ts’msyen culture and identity by participating in traditional Ts’msyen dance groups and feasts in Lax Kw’alaams, and by learning their language, Sm’algya̱x.

 Learn more about the founders:

Phil Gray at www.tsimshianrevolution.ca or www.philgray.ca

Dr. Robin Gray at www.robingray.ca