About the Author
Lynda Gray is a member of the Ts'msyen Nation on the Northwest Coast of BC (Gisbutwada / Killerwhale Clan). She was born in Prince Rupert, but has lived in East Vancouver since she was a child.  Lynda is the proud mother of two adult children: Northwest Coast artist Phil Gray and Dr. Robin R.R. Gray. She and her children have learned much about their Ts'msyen culture and community from their participation in the Lax Xeen Ts'msyen Dance Group based in Vancouver, BC as well as from attending traditional feasts in their home community of Lax Kw'alaams. Lynda has been actively learning her ancestral language since 2018.

Ts’msyen Revolution Fund
Lynda, Robin, and Phil Gray started the Ts’msyen Revolution Fund in 2022 to help support Ts’msyen individuals on their journey to (re)learn Ts'msyen language and culture in laxyuubm Ts’msyen (Ts’msyen territory). 

The fund will begin by supporting a few small initiatives in 2022. As fundraising progresses, the fund will eventually offer a range of activities, such as language immersion camps. More information on how the fund will function will be forthcoming. 

Lynda, Robin, and Phil are from Lax Kw’alaams Kw’alaams, but all grew up in Vancouver. They have learned about their Ts’msyen culture and identity by participating in traditional Ts’msyen dance groups and feasts in Lax Kw’alaams, and by learning their language, Sm’algya̱x.

 Learn more about the founders:

Phil Gray at www.tsimshianrevolution.ca or www.philgray.ca

Dr. Robin Gray at www.robingray.ca

Lynda is an active member of the Indigenous community. Her work is grounded in a strong belief in community development, youth empowerment, and culture as therapy.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from UBC, served as the Executive Director of the Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA) for 8 years, and currently serves on the National Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Advisory Circle.

Book the Author

Lynda Gray has done many presentations about First Nations 101 as well as many of the specific issues identified in the book such as education, child welfare, youth issues, justice, militarism, engaging the Indigenous community, and social justice.  You can book Lynda to present at your bookstore, event, conference, work training, school, or popular education initiative.  Presentations and workshops can be tailored to meet your specific area of interest.

Adaawx Publishing
Lynda Gray founded Adaawx Publishing in 2011 to publish her first book First Nations 101. ‘Adaawx’ is a Sm’algyax (language of the Ts'msyen) word that when translated as closely as possible to English means ‘oral history’ or ‘truth telling’, which she felt appropriately represented her goal when writing First Nations 101.

Upon deciding to self-publish, Lynda had to take on the many tasks that a publisher would have done. She taught herself to use Indesign to layout the entire book by watching Youtube videos and asking a few questions of a friend, designed the book cover, and has learned more than she ever thought she would about printing, distribution, marketing, and sales.  Lynda believes that this learning opportunity coupled with the autonomy it has given her over the book are great gifts for which she will be forever grateful.

The cover design for the 2nd edition of First Nations 101 was created by Lynda's son Northwest Coast artist Phil Gray. The 'neexł represents she and her children's clan (Gisbutwada).